My journey of finding a passive income

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In this, article I’m talking about my quest of searching for a good passive income source. I had come across many influencers telling you can make $$$/ in a day or $$$$/ in a month. But the harsh reality is it can’t be done in a day, as they said in their blogs or vlogs. You need to do tons of research and spend quiet time selecting the perfect passive income idea for you.

It all started in the year 2021, after my campus placements. I ended up with an average-paying job. So, I decided to look for a passive income source to meet my needs. I have come across many things like UI/UX testing, Blogging, Youtube videos, Affiliate marketing, Fiverr, and Upwork.

But what I found out was you cant make some dollars just by signing up on the websites. Instead, you need to invest 10–12 hrs a week to get started earning dollars. I’m listing out all the drawbacks I found during this process.


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This is an excellent way of earning income. As a coin has two sides, even in blogging, one has to wait for at least 6 months till the site starts showing up on the google rank page. This requires less writing and more concentrating on marketing. One has to choose a suitable niche with low competition and make a website and lot process ahead.


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The video format of blogging is vlogging. It is also a familiar source of passive income. But the content creation, editing, making the video an SEO standard, and promoting all those things consumes most of the time. If you are a 9–5 job person, you need to take more time from your day to make a video. But at last, your fruits of hard work will ripe. Cause according to studies, youtube is the most liable source of income.

UI/UX testing:

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Many websites pay for you to test user interfaces. They pay around 10$-20$ per hour. There are many websites like UserTesting, UserZoom, TryMyUi, etc. But there is a catch, in the initial days, there were more users than testers. Currently, testers are in huge numbers, and users are more diminutive. So many websites are not accepting invitations, and I had applied and waited one month. Still, there was no reply from those websites. So when an influencer says regarding testing jobs, don’t raise the hope bars as I did.


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This is the only source of passive income where if we have skills, we get paid. I had applied through Fiverr and made up to 100$ in the content writing category. All you need to do is improve your portfolio and search for suitable jobs and wait. I had waited for 2 months to get my first gig.

On a final note, these days, one has to have a potential source of passive income to maintain a lifestyle and complete all their needs. It might be blogging or affiliate marketing. It will be more boosting to have one and become more financially independent.

I'm an aspiring Data Scientist having interests in Quantum Computing and passionate writer.